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Israel China Culture Business Promotion Center is an Israel China cooperative organization established in 2005, specializing in culture exchange, academic research, business consulting, market development, investment and acquisition between Israel China and World, we have 16 years successful experience with Israeli public company and government organization, including business partners, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, experts, artists, educators, we help Israeli and Chinese company for their global placement and market entry, especially in high technology such as Life Science,Advanced Agriculture, Clean Energy, Electric Power, Artificial Intelligence.
With 4 offices in main city of China and hundreds distributor structure, we offer foreign company and organization a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business exchange, service outsourcing, channel development, sales and marketing, especially assisting high-tech companies to enter Chinese market and represent their China operation, we also help venture capital and PE investments in high-tech JV companies with a "China Angle", for more info please contact
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通过在中国主要城市设立的4个办事处以及几百个合作伙伴体系,我们为国外公司和组织在国内提供可信赖的、高质量的商业交流、服务外包、渠道拓展、市场销售,特别在于帮助高科技企业进入中国市场和代表处运行,我们也协助风险投资和私募基金从中国角度进行高科技投资合作,更多信息请联系 Tel: 0086-13501825586 0086-21-51096325. Email:

Culture Thinktank 文化智库: Perform research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policy, political strategy, economics, military, technology, and culture. Influence corporate China to initiate closer engagement with foreign country, increase awareness and understanding of China in foreign country, and of foreign country in China. Enhance and strengthen links between China and foreign country, in the priority areas of culture, business, technology.

China Incubator 企业孵化器: Include raising equity for high-tech companies and providing financing for small to medium sizes enterprises with potential growth, in a range of sectors.

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